First Profession, 30 June 2018


After two years of intentional formation in Monastic life, Brother Charles McMulkin made his First Profession of the Monastic Vow at Holy Cross Priory during a Eucharist attended by family, members of several religious orders, and friends and Associates of the Priory. The Father Superior of the Order of the Holy Cross, Br. Robert Magliula, received Charles’ Vow. Br. Reginald-Martin Crenshaw, Director of Formation, preached. The Cowl Br. Charles will receive rests on the Altar as the community gathers.

The gathered community sings the opening hymn.

Br. Reginald preaching.

Br. Charles makes his Vow before the Father Superior of the Order.

Br. Charles signs the Vow on the Altar.

The Father Superior blesses Br. Charles’ Cowl with Holy Water. The Cowl is a long, hooded vestment with wide sleeves. It is given to a monk at Profession and worn at our Monastic liturgies.

Br. Charles receives the Cowl

He is dressed in the Cowl.

The Father Superior Blesses the newly Professed Br. Charles with Holy Water.

The after-party.

From L to R: Br. David, Priory; Br. Robert, The Father Superior; Br. Charles; Br. Reginald.

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