Lenten Quiet Day 2019


The Rev. Lucy Reid

The Rev. Lucy Reid, Priest in Charge of St. Aidan’s, Church, Toronto, spoke at the recent Lenten Quiet Day co-sponsored by Holy Cross Priory, St. John’s West Toronto, and St. Martin-in-the-Fields. Here is Lucy’s own summary of her presentation:

“The breath prayer is the most simple and effective way I know of quietening the chattering mind or turbulent emotions, and settling into the quiet, spacious presence of God. By focusing first on the physical sensation of the breath entering and leaving, and then silently repeating a very simple one-line prayer to the rhythm of the breathing (such as “Creator [inhale] guide me [exhale],” “Christ have mercy,” “Spirit of love”), you can anchor yourself in prayer any time, anywhere. Our breath is constantly flowing in and out, until we die. So the breath prayer can become more and more part of our daily life, as we inhale the breath/spirit/wind of God and exhale into trust.”


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