From the Priory’s Christmas 2016 newsletter:

“If each season of the church year is marked by a dominant mood, then the prevailing tone of Advent is one of hope and expectation. Indeed, to borrow from Dickens, we may say that Advent is a time of Great Expectations. But what exactly is hope? And what is it that we are expecting? And what grounds do we have for such a stance, given the current state of our world and the condition of our own souls?” — Br. Robert Leo Sevensky OHC, Superior of the order

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The Rev’d David Bryan Hoopes, OHC will mark the 40th anniversary of his priestly ordination on May 23, 2016. Fr. David was ordained priest at Christ Church Cathedral, Nassau, Bahamas by The Rt. Rev’d Michael H. Eldon.

In addition to his work in the Order, Fr. David has served Churches in the Bahamas; and in the United States in Long Island, New York; Brooklyn, New York; Farmingdale, New York; and in Toronto, Canada.

At present in Toronto, he is Interim priest-in-charge of St. Hilda’s Church; Pastoral Associate at St. James Cathedral; Honorary Assistant at St. Barnabas Church, and Chaplain to the Community of the Sisters of the Church. He is Prior of Holy Cross Priory, Toronto.

David, your brothers in the Order of the Holy Cross congratulate you with thanksgiving for 40 years of dedicated and fruitful priestly service!


Exploring creation, and the life, death and resurrection of Jesus as affirmations of God’s love.

Where: St. John’s West Toronto
288 Humberside Ave, Toronto, ON (corner of Humberside & Quebec Aves.)

When: Saturday, March 12th, 9:30 am – 2:30 pm

Cost: $10.00, lunch and refreshments included

Registration: You can download a registration form here. If you have questions, contact the Rev. Samantha Caravan (tel 416-763-2393; email

This quiet day is the joint effort of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Holy Cross Priory, & St. John’s, West Toronto


9:30 am Gather
10:00 Morning Prayer
10:15 1st Address
10:45 – 11:30 Quiet time for reflection
11:30 Eucharist & 2nd address, followed by lunch
1 pm Final Address
1:30 Quiet time
2:20 Prayer and dismissal


The Rev. Joanna Manning

Joanna Manning was born in England and after attending a Roman Catholic boarding school, entered the convent of the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus. She obtained a B.A. (Hons) in medieval history at the University of London, and an M.Div. at the Jesuit seminary at Heythrop College. Joanna left the convent, married and emigrated to Canada with her husband and two sons in 1975. In Toronto, Joanna embarked on a career of teaching in high school and university, attaining the position of Principal of A.S.E., Alternative Scarborough Education, then transferring to the TDCSB as head of various Religion and Chaplaincy departments. She completed an STM at Regis College, and taught theology in the Faculty of Education at York University.

Joanna’s very public stand on the denial of equality for women in the RC church and the sexual abuse of children by priests brought her into conflict with the RC bishops, especially after the publication of her best-selling book: Is the Pope Catholic? (1999), and she was fired from teaching at York University. After successfully resisting an attempt by the bishops to remove her from teaching altogether, Joanna retired in 2006, having also published two other books: Take Back the Truth (2002) and The Magdalene Moment (2006).

In 2007, Joanna was received into the Anglican congregation of San Lorenzo and it was there that she discerned her call to priestly ordination. She was ordained priest in 2011. Joanna is currently Associate Priest at All Saints Sherbourne Church and Community Centre, with special responsibility for women’s programs and outreach. She also continues to explore theology on her blog

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From the Priory’s Christmas 2015 newsletter:

“A study done at the University of Chicago shows that religious people are by and large inclined to be less altruistic than their secular peers. The study concerned all religions, not just Christianity, and not just North America. Other studies have shown that the relationship between generosity and belief is vastly complex. Still if Dickens was right, there is a direct connection between what Christians believe happened at Christmas and that ‘Christmas feeling:’ generosity of heart.”

Download the full Christmas 2015 newsletter here


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